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What is LogAnalyzer?

With LogAnalyzer you no longer have to waste your time looking for errors hiding behind notes and warnings. Get a comprehensive overview of your SAS log by pressing F12. Quickly find what went wrong with your SAS program by using the summary view in LogAnalyzer, or filter through certain types of errors in the detailed log report. Also, use LogAnalyzer as a quick way to see the total run time of your program. Download the installation files above and follow the instructions below to get started.


How to install

To experience LogAnalyzer, click the Download button and extract the installation folder. If you see no button above, try maximizing the window. Installation requirements: 64 bit Windows, a functioning Base SAS installation and administrator rights on your PC.

In the installation folder, you should see the following:

Double-click on BaseSasExInstaller.exe and follow the instructions. A successful installation looks like this:

LogAnalyzer is now ready for use, and you may find it in the new Add-ins menu in the Base SAS menu bar.

How to uninstall: The installation folder contains an uninstaller which may be run by double-clicking Uninstaller.exe. A successful uninstallation returns the following and removes the Add-ins menu in Base SAS.


How to get started

To get a quick feel of how LogAnalyzer works, open Base SAS and run the code below:

dm log 'clear';
data loganalyzer_example;
a = 15;
b = 0;
c = a/b; /*division by zero*/
d = a/f; /*f does not exist*/

In this example, we purposely commit two mistakes: division by zero and using an uninitialized variable. Note that none of these are SAS errors but still prove fatal to calculations. After running the code, we may see these errors listed in the summary view of LogAnalyzer by simply pressing F12.

Notice that as a result of division by zero, we have also generated a missing value. For a more detailed log analysis, enter the newly installed Add-ins menu and choose LogAnalyzer > Analyze.

Click around, have fun, and read here to learn more about the error codes!