Maximize the return of your RPA investment

Our pricing model is simple: You only pay for what you really need. Our fundamental philosophy is that RPA platform should be kept simple, straightforward, and only contain the features you actually need. That is why no other RPA platform will give you so much value for your money.

You can get Tatesoft Workflows Server and use it free of charge the first 30 days. During this period, you will get a thorough introduction to our RPA platform. We will also help you to build your first software robots. Free of charge.

Once the trial period expires, we will offer you a competitive pricing model that will maximize the return of your RPA investment. That is our promise to you.

Want to know more about our pricing model? Contact us at +45 31 41 98 96 or by sending email message to

Tatesoft Workflow Server – The Greatest Value for Your Money